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Hello. My name is Shannon Bragg and I am the founder of Princesses In Training.  As you can tell from my website, I have big passion for girls ministry mainly because I was a depressed and troubled teenager.  After losing my mother at the age of eleven and suffering with an eating disorder, I had no self- esteem as a teen.  Luckily, right before I graduated from high school things changed for me after I surrendered my life over to the Lord.   I became a new person ready to help others who were troubled and depressed like I once was.  Therefore, at the age of nineteen, I began talking to teens about good decision making in schools and churches.  After completing a Psychology degree and a Masters in Christian Counseling, I took a Educator/Therapist position with Pathways in West TN where I continued to speak to teens in schools and also counseled abused victims.   By the age of 25, I had presented over 1,000 presentations to teenagers.  In 2003, I had an abstinence curriculum published and a video of me produced which is sold nationwide with Nimco, Inc.  I also have started to write a book for teen girls that addresses self esteem, character, and abstinence.  I titled it “Living Life as A Princess” Seven steps to help you think, act, and date like a Daughter of the King.   While in the middle of writing the book, God gave me the vision of offering life skills classes and retreats for girls and calling the program Princesses In Training. At the time, my daughter was five so I decided to offer classes out of my home for her age group with hopes to expand the curriculum and classes as she matured. Thanks to the help and guidance of the Lord, I have achieved this goal.  Once she became a teenager, I expanded the program to minister to middle and high school girls. This program is called Daughters of  The King. 

After having kids I wanted to do less traveling with my speaking engagements so I decided it was best to find a local teaching position where I would have school breaks and summers off to offer PIT classes.   Yet in order to do this, I went back to school to become a certified teacher in which case I obtained my second Masters in Special Education.  I taught Pre-K for six years and now I am a Skills Development Teacher at Trinity Christian High School.   

 In all my years of teaching, speaking, and counseling, I have learned you can't start to early teaching girls how to value themselves and carry themselves with respect.  I believe that in order for us to raise up confident, well mannered, godly, young women we must begin preparing them when they are little. I hope to have the opportunity to partner alongside you in teaching your daughter how to carry herself like a Princess, Daughter of the King. 

Assistant Teacher, Kara Joy Bragg

My teenage daughter, Kara Joy, is my sidekick in this ministry. With her passion for singing and dancing, she has been teaching the Princess In Training songs to the campers for years now. When she turned 12, she began dressing up as Cinderella for my PIT tea parties which opened the door for PIT to do birthday parties. Now Kara Joy gets requests to light up kids faces at daycares.  Her costumes have expanded  to Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Shimmer and Shine Genie, and Cat in the Hat. She now has her own facebook page called "Kara in Karacter" When she turned 13 and after having years of her own acting, singing, dancing, and instrumental lessons we began to offer music and theatrical lessons with PIT.  So far she has trained 12 kids.

Now that she is in high school and is making good choices amongst all the temptations teenagers face, she helps me out by sharing her advice and personal stories to my classes and church presentations.  She in now a DOTK mentor and helps disciple middle school girls through the DOTK book club and movie club.

She was recently titled 2020 Distinguished Young Woman of Newnan/Coweta Co. and her platform is teaching young girls how to be their best self. 

About the teacher


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