Princesses In Training

Plan your daughter’s next birthday party with Princesses In Training

Two party choices are:


          "A Princess Tea Party"   or    "A Glamour Girls Dinner Party"

The Princess Tea Party Details

2 hours of fun that entails ...... 

A home fully decorated with princess theme (tent, posters, décor, books etc…),

Sharing the good news of how they are each royalty since our heavenly father is King of Kings

A good manners lesson taught by etiquette teacher and PIT founder, Shannon Bragg

Preparation and serving of tea party food (includes birthday cupcakes),

One princess who will read, sing, lead games, help teach lesson, serve the guests, and pose for pictures

Free time for guests to play with doll house, color, and/or look at books

Princess merchandise that guest can purchase (optional),

Disney and tea party dresses with hats and accessories that girls can dress up in,

A table pre-decorated with cups and saucers, linens, and tea –pots,

One or two games that  usually relate to the theme of your chosen princess

Princess and party music playing in the background

(All that you will need to do is mingle with friends and  take pictures)   

Cost:  $250 

With a minimum of four guests and a maximum being 13 guests 

Additional cost:

additional princess is $50

Castle cake - $60

A princess choice that we do not already own a costume for is additional $25

Princess Rental Only
You may just rent a princess for your party.  
Please see my daughter's facebook page called "Kara in Karacter" for more pictures

My daughter, Kara Joy, would be happy to do any of the following....

read a storybook about princess of choice 
have sing along time (guest guess the princess who sings it)
pamper guests with hair, nails, and makeup
sing a special happy birthday song to birthday girl
teach a manners lesson and/or read a book about manners
teach good character and/or read a story about good character
teach the good news of how they are royalty and/or read a faith-based book  
 paint guest faces (small tattoo size) 
put tattoos on guests
lead guests in games related to theme of princess
Pose for pictures

Available costumes are:
Cinderella, Elsa and Anna, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, & Ariel 

$100 for 1st hour and $50 for each additional hour
My daughter has some great theater friends she could join her; therefore,
Two princesses are $150 for first hour and $50 for each additional hour
$35 more if we do not own the costume

A Glamour Girl Birthday Party

A Glamour Girl Party is a fine dining experience with all the fancy china and glasses. Girls are served a 5 course meal while learning proper etiquette before and during the meal. Because of the preparation that goes into these parties, these parties can only be done at Princesses In Training. Glamour Girl Parties are for girls ages 7-18.  Younger girls can choose to have a princess join them. Parties last 3 hours.  

Menu entails:

Seafood (shrimp cocktail or stuffed clams)

Soup of your choice


Chicken fettuccini alfredo

Ice cream sundaes

Cost:  $225

Minimum is 4 guests and Maximum guests is 12 (not including birthday girl)


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