Princesses In Training

Princesses In Training offers the following camps/classes/parties:
Not all are offered each year, You may request a class and date, if you help with promoting it. 

Princess Camp that teaches basic manners (ages 4-7)  
$75/5 sessions

If you have a little girl who is all into princesses and playing dress up then this is a camp for her.  This is great opportunity for her to realize how special she is and to learn more about the manners you want her to have.  This 5 day camp will entail a tea party on the 4th day with princesses and an award ceremony on the last day for the parents where the girls will perform songs and a choreographed dance as well as receive a crown and certificate. 

Pampering Princess Party (ages 2-6)
$40.00 per guest

This is 2 hours of exclusive pampering for your little girl given by my Daughters of the King trainees followed by a modeling show. Together you and your little princess will rotate stations.  When she has finished all stations she will have received a make-over, a manicure, a new hairstyle, and a new princess attire for the modeling show.   Princesses will be present as well for the special day. Treats and a goody bag will be given out as well.  

Advanced Manners (ages 8-11) 
 $85/5 sessions  or $50 for one day

This camp teaches lots of the etiquette rules  such as: meeting and greeting manners, telephone Manners, playtime and visiting manners, party-time manners, giving and getting manners, table and restaurant manners, and manners for special occasions and public gatherings.    This 5 day camp will entail a 5 course dinner on the 4th day and conclude with an award ceremony for the parents where they will perform songs as well as receive a crown and certificate. 
**girls are able to bring their American Girl doll to class**

.American Girl Movie and Discussion Night (ages 8-11)
There is a lot of life skills that can be learned from American Girl Movies in regards to Friendships. Following the movies we will have discussions about the do's and don'ts we can take from the movie. 

"One Night of Table Manners Training"   (ages 8 -11)   

A 2 1/2  hour night that focuses on restaurant and table manners.  Girls will be served a 5 course meal where they will get to learn what silverware goes with what course and more etiquette rules for the next time they go to a fancy restaurant. 

Mother-Daughter Date Night  
$50 per couple

Girls can enjoy an elegant night with one parent while learning the etiquette rules. The night will start with a 45 minute presentation followed by a 5 course meal with training along the way.   

Mother-Daughter or Grandmother-Granddaughter Tea Party (ages 3-7)
$40 couple

Family members and loved ones can enjoy a fun afternoon sipping on tea  in the company of  a princess. Prior to tea girls and moms will hear a 30 minute presentation on how to us good table manners. It is filled with games and song time. 

Friendship Manners  (8-11) 
   $40/all day                                                              
If your young lady has a best friend that she would like to would to hang out with then this camp/class is for them both.  It will help them strengthen their friendship and learn more about the do’s and don’ts of friendship along with how to solve problems and stand up to bullies. Great camp for siblings or cousins.  This class will conclude with an award ceremony where the friends perform songs together as well as receive and exchange best friend necklaces. A highlight to the class is girls will watch a popular movie that pertains to friendship while we snack on popcorn, candy, and soda.

Private Music Lessons  (ages 5 plus)
30 min lessons - $15 per class .  1 hour lessons $22
One hour sessions can be split between 2 areas of service
Must prepay for 4 lessons at a time. You are not charged if either party has to cancel one week. 
Lessons are all year round

Keyboard,   Guitar,    Singing,    acting,     
If you have a daughter interested in any of the above, then she may love to take private lessons from a mature teenager (Kara Joy Bragg) who she can look up to.  Kara Joy, PIT founder's daughter and PIT Song Leader, has grown up being a stage performer and has lots of training under her belt.  She has done performances in NYC and at Walt Disney World stage. She won 1st place for Musical Theater solo and Vocal Solo state competitions.  Keyboard lessons are for beginners only.     

Basic Self Defense (ages 8-11)   

This workshop will help young ladies know how to protect themselves from a stranger.  They will learn kicks and blocks along with how to get out of a choke holds, wrist grabs, bear hugs and more. The class will conclude with the girls  demonstrating what they learned on family members. 

Modeling Shows
  "My Time In The Spotlight" 
for ages 4-11

The idea behind the Modeling Show is to give girls who like the spotlight a chance to show themselves off  as God’s unique creation without having to compete against each other and risk getting heart broken.  No one leaves this show feeling discouraged or not good enough, but instead they leave feeling encouraged and uplifted. This is the pageant where everyone gets to hear themselves referred to as a Princess even before their feet hit the stage.  Girls choose a dressy outfit and a casual outfit of their choice to model in.  Each girl  will be give a sash at the end. 

                                 Comments from Parents about the Character and Etiquette Classes.
"Princesses In Training is a great confidence builder and encourages girls to have good manners while having fun and making friends."                      Heather Benkert

"It is the right kind of program at the right time."                     Karen Hayes

"My daughter looked forward to every class.  She absolutely loved it!"          Dawn Patterson

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