Princesses In Training

Daughters of the King Training
offers the following classes and presentations:

                                                        "Daughters of the King" Workshops/Events"    

Fashion, Modesty, & Modeling Training (ages 11-18) 

If you have a daughter who loves fashion and wants to learn how to model down the runway then she will want to participate in this.  After the girls learn how to keep trendy looks modest, They will need to put together some trendy modest outfits together from their closet or from a store. They will get to model this in the Daughters of the King “Modesty Fashion Show”.  See special events for photos

                                                                             Babysitter Training (ages 12 - 18) 

       With using the American Red Cross curriculum this class will teach girls all they need to know to become a top-rated babysitter and mommy helper. They will learn how to interact with children when they are mad, scared, missing mom, or misbehaving.  They will learn how to change diapers,  feed and care for infants, put in place safety precautions, and how to handle emergencies, first aid and CPR. In addition they will learn how to start and manage their business. Students will receive a certificate showing completion of babysitter and emergency training. 

                                                                         One Night of Etiquette"   (ages 12 -18) 
                        A 2 1/2  hour night that focuses on restaurant and table manners.  Girls will be served a 5 course meal
                     where they will get to learn what silverware goes with what course and more etiquette rules for the next                                                                                                          time they go to a fancy restaurant.  

                                                                               Advanced Manners (ages 12-18) 
                                                                                                    $50 a day

    This workshop teaches etiquette rules  such as: meeting and greeting manners, telephone and social media manners, guest and hostess manners, giving and getting manners, table and restaurant manners, and manners for special occasions and public                            gatherings.   The girls get to practice the table manners by being served a 5 course meal.  

                                                                              Advanced Self Defense (ages 12 -18)  
                                                                                               $40 -55/  6-9 hours

      This is a fun interactive class that teaches girls rape prevention techniques.  They will also learn what the law has to say            about rape and sexual harassment. This camp will conclude with an award ceremony where girls get the opportunity to                                                                              practice what they learned on their family members. 

                              This class be done on a Saturday for 5 hours or broken up into 2 sessions of 3 hours.  

  "Daughters of the King" Mentor Program

The mentor program is designed for older high school girls who are making wise choices to mentor middle school girls  through the DOTK Book Club & Movie Club. 
Book Club 
$35 for 5 sessions 
          Does your daughter like  frappuccinos or ice cream and to talk about boys and girls stuff then she will love participating in one of Daughters of the King book studies. 


Movie Club
$10 for each session
  Girls will watch a movie  with popcorn and candy and discuss what they learned to do or not to do from the movie.  Movies will cover pressures teenagers face.


                                                  "Daughters of the King" Presentations

                    Under one hour faith based presentations can be presented to your group on any of the following:
                                                                                        Abstinence until marriage 
                                                                                                     Self Esteem
                                                                                          The ugly side of abortion
                                                                                    Self Defense/Rape Prevention
                                                                                                   Healthy Dating
                                                                                  How I overcame my Eating Disorder

                  "Daughters of the King" Retreats/Conferences

Depending on the time allotted, girls can learn a variety of steps on how to live like a Daughter of the King
 in regards to self esteem, character, and dating.
Comments about Shannon's speeches to teens:

Shannon not only has the gift to make you want to listen, but to change your behavior as well.    Paul Schnieder, Minister

She made an hour in a half seem like 10 minutes.  Student, Atlanta, GA

Shannon's ability to communicate is unbelievable.  She has a gift at capturing an audience.   Katie Gray, Teacher

Shannon made a huge impact in our community.  After she spoke on behalf of us, we recieced numerous phone calls from parents, school administrators, youth pastors an young people who expressed enthusiasm after hearing Shannon.  Natilie Wilson, Dyersburg, TN Life Choices CPC Director

She is dynamic and on the kid's level.  Angie Rushing Teacher at Dresden H.S. 

"The students are absolutely mesmorized by her message, and I believe her full potential is yet to be realized."  
Sarah Davidson, Guidance Counselor at Crocket Co. High School 

Thank you! I have made many many many mistakes in the past and want to change.  You gave me the nudge I needed to change for the better and for what I was raised to do!"  Student, Atlanta Georgia
"Daughters of the King" Training
is designed to minister to middle and high school girls

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