Princesses In Training
                   Registering for an Upcoming Class or Camp

Signing up for classes involves two separate parts: Payment and Registration

1. Fill out registration form at bottom of page which is below paypal links. After you hit submit button it will take you to the homepage. Hit the registration tab on far right to come back to this page. 
2. Now when you are back on this page hit the paypal link that is for the class you are signing up for.

Checks are acceptable if you notify me at

Friendship Day  Wed May 30th  9:00am- 4:45pm ages 8-11 $45  
Babysitter Training Thursday May 31st Friday June 1st Thurs 5pm-9pm 
Friday 9-5pm  
ages 12plus .      $85 
Friday Night Movies and Mentor Program for Young MS girls June 8th,  22nd and July 6th, 20th  6:45- 9:45 grades 6th-7th  $30 or $10 at the door  
Friday Night Movies and Mentor Program for Older MS girls June 15th, 29th, and July 13th, 27th   6:45-9:45 grades 8th & 9th
$30 or $10 at the door  
Self Defense Training Thurs June 7th and Mon June 11th

9:30pm-3:30pm ages 11-14 $45 FULL

Babysitter Training Mon. June 18th and Tues 19th 2pm-8pm

ages 12 plus $70Until June 1st

Advanced Manners Camp July 16th-20th 9-11am Thursday
ages 8-11 $85
One Day Etiquette Training and Princess Tea Party Sat. July 21st  2pm-4pm ages 3-8 $17 person
Basic Manners Camp July 23rd - July 27th 9-11am ages 4-7 $85

More details and class descriptions can be found under classes tab. 
Don't see a class you want on the calendar, then round me up four other girls to book one at your convenience. 
Keep in mind that while most classes and camps happen in summer birthday parties, princess rental, fine art lessons (guitar, piano, singing, acting) with my teenage daughter, and private classes are available all year. 


Family Last Name:
Parent's Names:
Address Street
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Dad's cell:
Mom's cell:
Parent email:
email :
Emergency Contact Name::
Emergency Contact number::
church affiliated with:
Will you share PIT and DOTK with your youth minister and friends:
How did you hear about PIT or DOTK::
May I put pictures of your daughter on PIT website and facebook:
 Is your daughter(s) interested in participating in 4th of July parade?:  
 Is your daughter(s) interested in participating in Back to School Fashion Show?:  
Daughter 1 Name:
Daughter 1: School and Grade:
Daughter 1 birthday:
Daughter 1: Class  you are signing her up for?
Daughter 1 Allergies:
Daughter 1 learning or health problems:
Name of friend(s) she is joining class with? 
Daughter 2 Name:
Daughter 2 Birthday:
Daughter 2: School and Grade:
Daughter 2 Allergies:
Daughter 2 Health or Learning Problems:
Daughter 2: Class you are enrolling her in. 
Name of friend(s) she is joining class with? :
Daughter 3 Name:
Daughter 3 Birthday:
Daughter 3: School and Grade:
Daughter 3 Allergies:
Daughter 3 Learning, Health, Behavioral Problems:
Daughter 3: Class and dates you are enrolling her in. 
Name of friend(s) she is joining class with? :


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